Our U12 group sporting brand new home kit – onwards and upwards

What a month….….

After the U12s Coaching Team moved on to take up more full time positions in roles elsewhere we have been busy, busy, busy reorganising our fantastic group in preparation for when the league hopefully begins this Sunday.

Where do we start with all the good news?

  • Welcome to Connor and Tom, our two, very well qualified Coaches who would normally now be taking football camps in America if it wasn’t for C19. America’s loss is our gain. Great to have you both on board guys.
  • Welcome to new players Wilf, Joe, Archie and Cillian who have strengthened our squad to 16 players which is fantastic and helps us plan for stepping up to 11v11 next season.
  • Congratulations to Alfie and, more recently, Finlay and Jozef who have been accepted into York City FC’s development programme. More football for them which will benefit our group. 
  • A shout out to all volunteers who have taken on tasks to ensure our group runs smoother than it ever has. Big thanks to Russ who, as our fixtures co-ordinator, has been organising friendlies so the boys are playing football at last. Playing games is what it’s all about and there are a large number of Clubs out there unable to play owing to pitch closures so, we are very lucky. Previously Russ coached at Meltham JFC so his “inside” knowledge and relationships with other Club’s Coaches is invaluable.
  • A big thank you also to Ben and Serena as Hinchcliffe’s become our new home kit sponsor and to Sam and Andy for funding our away kit tops. The new squad photos look great as we take our rightful position on the home page of our website which Bob our Website Designer and Guardian has been busy updating.

“Stay Safe” and remember, whilst we all like to win, junior football should also be fun.