What they're saying

The success of our club is not measured in terms of results, though those are important to us (it is football after all), but in how motivated, engaged and happy our players are. We have top quality coaches, managers, pitches and a community spirit amongst the parents that underpins the club. Read what people are saying about us…

Fantastic club with supportive environment for the kids, Charlie has thrived at the club.


Finlay has been with Holmfirth Town for 5 years, it is a very friendly, family-orientated club.

The coaches are highly skilled and the players are enthusiastic and passionate about their team and the football they play, which is a reflection on the quality of coaching and encouragement they receive.

You only have to watch them play a match to see evidence of the professionalism that goes into training them!

Vicky & Bob

Thanks, I’ve played for a fair few different clubs but no-one compares to Holmfirth Town. Much love for the club since day one.


Jamie joined the HTJFC U10’s this season and he’s settling into the team really well and making new friends. He really looks forward to the training sessions and matches.

The training is fantastic with the right balance of teaching skills, discipline and having fun.

Everyone involved with the club is very welcoming, it’s well organised and all focussed on the kids enjoying playing football.


Played at Holmfirth Town since I was 4, now I play for the U12s, made many friends and love the training and matches.


A great community feel to the Club with everyone “mucking in” to help wherever and however they can.

The Coaches and Team Manager take their roles seriously ,which you can see through the quality and style of football played, but you can also see it’s about the boys enjoying themselves, which they clearly do.

We asked Chris what he thinks and he said “it’s fun” – says it all really.

Philippa & Matthew

When Lucas joined Holmfirth Town Juniors he was immediately made to feel welcome by other members, as we were as parents. The club has passion, expert training and most of all a genuine team spirit, which is a rare find.


Before joining Holmfirth Town my child was struggling academically at school and this was impacting on his overall well being.

Within weeks of joining, there was a noticeable difference in school and at home. He had found something he loved doing, which raised his self esteem and confidence. It enabled him to focus on something he enjoyed and was then able to transfer that focus to school work. Working as part of a team has greatly improved his social skills including listening and communication skills. Most importantly he has fun, he is healthy and is happy.

I am so thankful we found Holmfirth Town.


We have been amazed at the lovely atmosphere of friendly parents, smiling children and professional coaching. The coaching is the highest standard I have ever seen in junior football. All of the boys are showing dramatic improvements. If you want your child to improve rapidly and enjoy every minute, sign up for Holmfirth Town.


We have been at Holmfirth for 3 years now. The first thing that struck me compared to other clubs we saw was that Holmfirth were focussed on developing the football ability within the boys. This meant that every boy had a ball, not endless waiting to join in, the training sessions are longer to give more playing team for the boys and the facilities they use are conducive to get the boys to play football the right way, more Spanish than English.

The home pitch is on a cricket outfield and is one of the best junior pitches we have seen. As a parent I was made extremely welcome and all of the parents in the age group muck in and support in any way they can, rather than watching the few contribute everyone plays a part which is really nice.

A great club and my son has really developed in confidence and with his football, which is great!


She absolutely loved it and none stop has been talking about it to everyone who’ll listen. Dance and everything she’s tried before, she’s never been so enthusiastic. She’s so happy the coach said she did really well. She gave it her all and joined in, thank you so much.


William joined the club at the start of last season to a very warm welcome and  now fully embraces his place in the squad and his role in the team. The boys have built a strong bond together and this is a wonderful thing.

The sense of team spirit and helping out is extremely strong amongst most of the parents too, and it’s always enjoyable to rock up for a weekend fixture or friendly, get stuck in and this season in particular, enjoy some well structured, quality football!

We are really fortunate to have both Shauns working with the club, providing structure and rigour to the weekly training sessions… it’s not easy keeping them all engaged but clearly, they manage…and it’s paying off come match day!

Manager Ben is brilliant, and every week manages to strike the right balance in fielding a competitive team whilst providing opportunity to all.

Finally, the organisational backbone which Matthew and Philippa bring is wonderful and we wouldn’t be the strong and progressive club we are without them!

Tony & Helen